Norman-Robert Communications (NRC) is a public relations and communications firm in its 30th year.  The individuals who have made this company successful have developed a philosophy created to ensure the business relationship between client and NRC is a rewarding one for both parties. These values, plus our combination of talent, honesty and time-tested “no surprises” methodology has given our clients a reason to keep smiling.
We are attracted to niche markets.  Small by big city standards, our coverage map is regional (Minnesota to Texas and in between). We’re known for our creativity, our ability to get the media to like us (and by extension, our clients) our professionally aggressive posture, our love of history and our sensibilities.  
We gravitate to clients who allow us to take a promising but compartmented product or service and help make it prosper.  We have enjoyed and are enjoying the opportunity to showcase our expertise in emerging markets that include health and wellness, hotels, banks, investment houses, foodservice, national manufacturers, B2B and online one-page newsletters.
If you’d like to learn more, call us at 573.443.4388 or by e-mail at We’ll return the call, introduce ourselves, explain in greater detail what we are and do, and if there’s mutual interest, take it to the next level. 
Norm Benedict