Everywhere, September 2017—It’s time to go plastic-free and help fight breast and many other forms of cancer with products made by ECOlunchbox.

It’s an eco-friendly lunchware brand that’s not only healthy for our planet, it’s a much healthier choice for people as well.  To bring more attention to these vital statistics, for Breast Cancer Awareness Month in October, ECOlunchbox will donate $1 from every item purchased off its website to the National Breast Cancer Foundation.

To take part all you need do is visit www.ecolunchboxes.com, select your order and use the code COOKINGACURE at checkout.

Back to the reasons why: Opting for plastic-free products can help you avoid hazardous chemicals that are known to disrupt our endocrine systems—a collection of glands of an organism that secrete hormones directly into the circulatory system towards distant target organs.  We’ve gotta have them to help keep everything inside in good working order. To learn more about the importance of going plastic-free, click here.

If you want to keep your family safe from such risks, consider plastic-free products like this celeb favorite brand. Jessica Alba and Jason Mraz are huge fans of ECOlunchbox because every item in this award-winning line is plastic-free , and made of high quality stainless steel.

Choose from an array of containers and bentos that come in various shapes and sizes, such as this “Three-in-One bento set; or the popular Seal Cup Trio  a leak-proof set of three nesting containers. These lunch kits are ideal for taking your food or snacks on the go! This Splash Box and Pods Set is perfect for packing up an entree and two sides in the small Splash Pods.

Stay healthy with this line of convenient and safe food accessories, and learn tips for living a healthier  lifestyle on their blog: i.e., one cancer survivor offers advice on “cooking up a cure,” here.  

ECOlunchbox is a woman-owned, mission-based social enterprise built on the passion, excellence, innovation and love of healthy people and planet. ECOlunchbox Founder Sandra Ann Harris is committed to helping families change the world one lunch at a time. So far, her company has sold about 300,000 plastic-free ECOlunchboxes and averted tens of millions of pieces of plastic from use and disposal.